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Friday The 13th 2022 KB5013624 Cumulative Update for .NET

Having trouble with my internet connection, I realize it was the KB5013624 update for .NET. After researching, I find it's a phishing vulnerability patch, but can't find more information. I decide to let it install, fearing it might be the Windows 11 update I'm not ready for. Relieved to find out it's not, I make a mental note to upgrade to Windows.

KB5013624 Update for .NET Causes Internet Connection Issues, But Not Windows 11 Upgrade

By Michael Levin

Friday, May 13, 2022

OMG, my machine is slow! It must be a bad Internet connection. Oh, it’s one of o those auto-updates loading in the background. Let’s see, it’s the May 10th KB5013624 update. Hmm, it’s about stopping a .NET phishing vulnerability. But it’s Friday the 13th, not May 10. This bodes well.

Okay, let it finish downloading and my Internet speed will be back to normal. It’s done downloading and Internet still sucks. Hmmm, okay I’ll reboot. But when I do the cumulative service pack will have been installed and I’ll have lost my chance to read about it first. Okay, google it up.

There’s a page. Okay, let’s see… yep, a .NET vulnerability like I thought. But what else? Doesn’t say. Let me look deeper. Still doesn’t say. I searched in Google. Maybe you have to search in Bing for Microsoft to answer your questions. That’s silly, stop thinking that way. Oh, there’s Microsoft trying to peddle a Microsoft 365 subscription to me. Nanhhh, not paranoid.

Okay, just let this thing install. Pray that it’s not the Windows 11 install because the Virtual Desktop animation that makes Windows so Mac-like, which made the Mac so Amiga-like is about all that helps me keep my sanity on these Jonny-Come-Lately platforms that took over the world.

I’ll upgrade to Windows 11 when that virtual desktops have smooth transitions… oh,and when they stop lying about WSL supporting Linux graphics under Windows 11. It doesn’t. I was almost fooled… again.