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From Zero (Windows) to Linux In 8 Steps

I'm creating a series of videos to help people transition from Windows to Linux, covering topics such as uninstalling OneDrive, unpinning the taskbar, changing settings and personalization, turning off notifications and weather, and more. Plus, I'll show you what installing Linux on a Windows 10 computer looks like. Click through to find out more!

Make the Switch from Windows to Linux with My 8 Step Video Series!

By Michael Levin

Friday, September 2, 2022

Okay, plan out this video series.

Dive right in with removing OneDrive. Done. These blip-videos are in the perfect aspect ratio for YouTube. I save directly from OBS to mp4, which means I can upload directly to YouTube without any editing.

In my journaling / blogging / vlogging / jekyll / github pages system, I have now added the category “windows” which will represent this series. This first page in the series will both be my planning and the optimized page on this first very important step in the series: removing OneDrive.


Go down Settings / Personalization

It’s time to plunge into the Settings program, adjusting the Taskbar personalization, among other things. Marketing-oriented stuff is cleverly hidden under such settings as Startup. Make sure to nix those intrusive effers.

Okay, putting it all together:

  1. Uninstall OneDrive
  2. Unpin everything from Taskbar
  3. Delete all Tiles from Start menu
  4. Change Settings / Personalization
  5. Turn of Weather, Cortana, Search & other Taskbar clutter
  6. Bring back app icons you want to Start Menu & give shortcuts
  7. Use Virtual Desktops
  8. Install Linux

Okay, I made this series of videos. Embed them all here with their headlines, and use that as the starting point for your new sequence-generator under your content management system. This is key to organization, thus story-telling and thus breaking out and blowing up on YouTube and other outlets.

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