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Gathering My Stories

I'm reflecting on my stories and topics to discuss, including the bullying of blues, the rabbit hole of tech, the politically correct main branch of Microsoft, collecting comics, and the Superbad Mic Loving Mr. McLovin. I'll also be exploring the deeper meanings of characters from Alice in Wonderland, the Shaggy Man, and Love Magnet, and discussing the LGBTQ community, how parents should listen better, and the Twitter/Instagram culture.

Exploring My Stories: Bullying of Blues, Rabbit Hole of Tech, and More

By Michael Levin

Monday, May 30, 2022

This post is about as open-ended as it gets. Beware, read at your peril.

To blow up on YouTube here on this “dirty” channel without a squirrel obstacle course or counting to 100,000 is going to take some creative thinking and connecting some unusual dots… dots… dots… dots… caught in a feedback loop. Oh, there goes another one of those fugue states. You really need to know about Batman’s Azrael character. Here, let me go get that comic. Yes! Put solid images in peoples’ heads about these silly meataphors you use. Hmmm, what’s a meta for… I/O! WhatsaMetafor.io. Organize your material later. Don’t slow down! Oh, show the people a vim command:

Bonus vim! I really should start tagging this stuff. Do yourself a favor because you’re probably never going to come back and organize this stuff. Fine then. Build up MikeLev.in more and more. Put most of your eggs in one basket. These other domains you register are really just side-bets and ones to keep the stuff here from getting TOO overwhelmed by shop-talk (MikeLevinSEO.com). I can shop talk until you’re blue in the face. No need for that… move on!

Ah! It’s time… it’s time to list a few topics… my stories. These are just a few of the topics and sub-topics that roll off easily…