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Get LXD Running Under WSL2 on Windows 11 with Ubuntu 18.04

by Mike Levin

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Teach how to get LXD under WSL2 running, easy peasy!


To enable systemd on an existing WSL2 installed Linux:

curl -L -O "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nullpo-head/wsl-distrod/main/install.sh"
chmod +x install.sh
sudo ./install.sh install

And then enable it:

/opt/distrod/bin/distrod enable

Test whether systemd is running:

ps --no-headers -o comm 1

If that prints “systemd” you’re all set to install lxd!

If there had been failed attempts:

sudo apt purge lxd
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/lxd

If a fresh attempt:

sudo apt install lxd
sudo lxd init
(yes all the way through wizard)

Reboot. wsl –shutdown from Powershell

lxc launch images:ubuntu/18.04 u1804a
lxc exec u1804a -- su --login ubuntu

Keep this in mind for sharing volumes from pool:

lxc storage volume create default blah
lxc config device add c1 blah disk pool=default source=blah path=/blah
lxc config device add c2 blah disk pool=default source=blah path=/blah

There’s also advice on sharing host volumes (including home):