Future-proof your skills with Linux, Python, vim & git as I share with you the most timeless and love-worthy tools in tech through my two great projects that work great together.

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I'm learning to express myself fluently in English, use Linux, Python, vim, and git, and focus on joy-filled habits. I'm also recognizing the importance of maintenance and organization to achieve flow, but understand the difficulty of developing habits in a constantly changing environment. I'm exploring the luxuries of static environments, like properties and inheritances, and how they can help with habit formation.

Develop Habits for Flow and Joy with Vim, Linux, Python, and Git

By Michael Levin

Friday, April 15, 2022

Hello World! Get daily vim exercise!

Vim is a way of life. You will eventually “think” in vim. Jumping the cursor around, navigating and going in and out of insert mode.

This is where we’re going with my video series… sort of a “purpose”

Helping get YOU onto Linux, Python, vim & git.

Actually pushed out my “Tech Story” which is a pretty big deal for me, because it’s sort of a “book” I’m working on, but not really.

Alright, the video of this session is rendering out from Camtasia. Doing the latest iPhone OS upgrade on my phone right now. Both desktop and phone uniquely tied-up. Now is a perfect time for exercising my ability to express myself fluidly in English through electronic equipment and software into a single text “file” I keep for the rest of my life as my one-long-page journal.

Does this sound like hacker shit to you? Oops, an audience in mind? Sigh, okay. Pick a property… oh, this is all so “meta” it belongs on whatsametafor.io, just like most of my stuff recently.

[Esc]:badd ../whatsametafor/index.md[Enter]
[Shift]+v Smosh on "k" until top of journal entry
j & k to navigate to good "paste" location

And here I am in the other text file. I basically “thought” my way to having a second file loaded. The “badd” command I always thought was bad-ass. You’re adding into the next buffer the following file. See? Then I copied the journal entry… oh, I should have YouTubed that. Maybe I will.

But I want to get some publishing done here. So I’m going to pop over to another full-screen Windows Terminal with Ubuntu 20.04 running in it by default full-screen. Glorious converting of a modern engine of distraction into a full-screen fortress of flow-state focus. Too bad nobody’s ever going to read this, haha! Well anyway, given Github.io also known these days perhaps more popularly as Github Pages (thank-you Uncle Microsoft), there is a chance. Maybe this will find audience. Not sure if the custom domains help. But hey, it is genuinely unique new content on the InterWebs and the Googles like that, no? So there’s a chance. I am an SEO after all. Do I really even WANT audience? Or is all this publishing really just for me in a Cialdini commitment and consistency sense? Wow, this page’ll attract some interesting search-hits, LOL!

Okay, I went ahead and git committed and pushed. I’ll have to add some headlines and paginate this into a proper blog with some stupid Python tricks. I should get to what I want to say, already.

Be in a race.

Take your own advice to heart.

Get to know your self-proclaimed tools Linux, Python, vim & git better and use them to better affect in pursuit of new habits aligned to your goals aligned to your vibe aligned to your love of something-or-other, in whose service your growing natural proficiency in timeless tech tools serves. You do whatever else interests and electrifies you in life as your primary thing. And your expressive fluency in Linux and Python through vim springs into a multitude of service over and over through career and life.

We do it because it is fun.

Things in life should be love-worthy. If you’re not finding the love-worthy things about life then you should be doing some self-examination. You’re out of sync with your inner vibe. You’re doing things because others thing you should be doing those things, and not because doing those things brings joy to you.

There is maintenance. I’ll grant you that. Death and taxes, that about sums it up. I’d add enough cleanliness and organization so that we don’t die through some accident or infection. Look around you and take ownership of that space which is yours and that you need to achieve flow and get into the zone. I have to say that doing that in the middle of a mess, either physically, electronically or in the mind won’t help. It’s about habits first, and habits arise from repeated behavior in a fixed environment.

That fixing is an issue.

We are dynamic creatures. Sometimes we live in dynamic states, moving from place to place and changing our rooms around. Sometimes we live in static states, knowing the places and resources we got to know growing up will always be with us. I guess that’s rarer and for the rich. Properties, estates, inheritances, boondoggles weighing you down!