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Go For Broke Connecting The Dots

I'm using my YouTube channel to explore the mysteries of life and figure out how to create a better life for myself. I'm talking about money, expensive problems, building internal resources, game theory, symbols, and more. Join me on my journey as I connect the dots and tackle the big questions!

Exploring Life's Mysteries: Join Me on My Journey to Connect the Dots and Create a Better Life for Myself

By Michael Levin

Friday, June 3, 2022

Connect dots that I have been too scared to connect. First, speak freely about your life to your YouTube audience. Readily admit that you’re using your channel for self-therapy. One needs to be able to honestly talk to one’s self. Admittedly, there are dark corners we’re not going to want to over-share to a YouTube audience, and we all have them. It’s called our Shadow, and Carl Jung has taught this for ages. So, talk to your shadow in other ways. But the YouTube audience, they get your inner Johnny Carson… The Great Carnac!

Ah, showing people my vim-typing. Showing people my greatest skill. Some people become surgeons. Some auto-mechanics. Some have green thumbs and some play with 2-headed worms. Ah, how I covet that other Michael Levin who is unravelling that most important mysteries of life: mind-over-mater. Well, I’ll try tackling it in my own way, and that is such an onus for all this journaling… all this dot-connecting, all this thinking out-loud, public self-therapy, and edge of over-sharing.

So the eff-what? We’re only on this plant for like less than 100 rotations around the sun. If each of your fingers had 10 fingers, count them down. Can you imagine that. That’s how many 1-year rotations around the sun you’re going to be given on this material world—and that’s only if you’re really lucky and mindful. Mindful, mindful, mindful. I used to thing meditation was bullshit. I’m not so sure anymore. Green arrow personality-types think mediation is bullshit. Soft blues need it to assert voluntary control over their overly excitable selves.

And so what are some of those dots that need connecting that you’ve been so scared to connect?

Yup. Connect the dots. Go for broke… OMG, there’s an expression for that!

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