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Hands-on With Moz Products & Clarification of What's What

I am currently in my fourth week as a Moz employee, and I am learning about the various products they offer. I am using the Free SEO Tools to test the boundaries of the free product, exploring Moz Local, Moz Pro, Free SEO Tools, and Resources, as well as the MozBar Premium and the Links API V1 & V2. I am documenting my progress and thoughts on my public blog, and publishing videos on YouTube to reduce fear and create consistency.

Exploring Moz Products & Making a Big Impact in My Fourth Week at Moz

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

I’m in week 4 at Moz.

Finally started an account on moz.com and walked through the intro. I learned about the accordion user interface on the left side. I plugged in a few test keywords to test longtail specific venn intersections versus single-words from same list. Checking the boundaries, such as it were. Granularity, resolution, stuff like that.

We are going to apply the Moz tools to:

I will learn the various products.

So there’s the Free Product, just login and start doing keyword research. A lot of value for free, really. Especially since AdWords became more stingy with data. The mere fact you need an AdWords account and campaign in there to use AdWords Keyword tools is a factor pushing people to less committal tools, like free versions.

The idea there is certainly to start a relationship. Later on, it may lead to paying customer. Better there then PPC. What are the options once logged in?

There are navigation-less, yet still logged-in “modes” like the homepage.

I currently am on Free SEO Tools with my work email address. I will ask for that to be comped, but not until after I get familiar with the boundaries of the free product. Feel out to the edges. Know how much you can do with the free product. Make that part of your Free and Open Source SEO Software pitch. Even though these are proprietary sources of data, we use them. Our software is still FOSS. We are completely allowed to import data from proprietary sources like Moz. Here’s some you can “export free” from the Web UI of the Free SEO Tools level of service. Let’s explore that first. See what we can do without paying, then keep fleshing it in for folks who want to go pro.

Internalize this:


There are additional APIs offered, each with their own pricing tiers.

There’s Moz Academy, which is How to use Moz Pro https://academy.moz.com/how-to-use-moz

The API, around which the language varies, has multiple pricing tiers:

All this API-stuff is for what’s called Mozscape sometimes, but when you look at the API documentation, you see the “new language” that goes:

Do a project with the MozBar in the immediate term. Let’s do it!

There’s a MozBar Premium! https://moz.com/products/pro/seo-toolbar

It looks possible to share private YouTube videos to just logged in members of MOZ.png

And here’s the embedded link that shouldn’t really show for anyone except those logged in.

My default is going to be to type in here in my “Secret” public blog. I do it for thinking out loud, for purposes of commitment and consistency, per Robert Cialdini. Oh, I have to talk to Bing and ChatGPT about influence and persuasion sometime!

Anyhow, I just feel more comfortable getting my thoughts out there for the world to see. Maybe it’s a bit about ego, but it’s also very self-affirming and motivating. It makes me compel things to the next step and the next step and the next step that are sometimes very difficult to compel.

But I’m new on the Moz team and I feel like I was born for this opportunity and I want to make a big impact… but not too fast. Ease into it. But not too slow. Do it just right. And gathering data is such an important first step.

Okay, don’t make false dependencies on all this, don’t make busy-work, and don’t dilly dally nor get distracted too much besides that familiarity you need to get with the chatbots. But be careful the rabbit holes there are deep. Merely identify those rabbit holes for evaluation.

How “From Scratch” do you want to do everything? You have your “practice” and even your “practice_save” folders under your repos root, but do you want another fresh starting point. pipulate/repos/seoz ?

Okay the video I recorded looking at Moz with fresh eyes is published Moz-side YouTube. It’s really interesting that I can publish with that sort of organizational privacy under GSuite. I’m going to use that really well.

Okay, reduce the fear by repeatedly pushing out these Moz-only YouTube videos as sort of the practice-runs which are still share-able. It’s a very good compromise, commitment & consistency but only visible within Moz.