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Happy Birthday Adi!

Today is my birthday and I'm feeling motivated to keep pushing forward with my progress. Celebrating five years of employment, I'm ready to take on the next task - resolving an unexpected issue with my table-joins. Join me as I explore how to ensure my search volumes don't get lost in the process.

Celebrating 5 Years of Employment: Resolving an Unexpected Table-Join Issue and Keeping My Search Volumes Intact.

By Michael Levin

Monday, November 7, 2022

Take your tiny toe-hold points of progress and move them forward. You’ve got lots. The fact you hold down a day-job and do well enough to keep it for over half a decade is telling. You’ve got some of the formula down. You can produce economic product. Speaking of which, get to work. Get the next bit done.

There was a surprising development in your table-joins. That is that the search volumes I pulled on a more granular level than higher in the hierarchy are getting lost.