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Hey AI: Give Me Credit, Consent & Compensation

This text explores how to make a living off of producing content that people find interesting and valuable. I provide several strategies to make this happen, such as leveraging the unique advantages of humans, licensing content, and emphasizing the human relationship aspect. Additionally, I discuss how the age of Wonderland and Oz is upon us, and how the Wizard of Oz book series can teach us much. I'm setting up a server to capture ideas and thoughts, practice writing, and publish a blog with valuable information.

Making a Living Off Content: Leveraging Human Advantages, Licensing Content, and Emphasizing Human Relationships.

By Michael Levin

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Well, it’s time to attack on 2 fronts:

Produce the kind of content that actual human beings are very much going to want to learn from that’s somewhat in competition with the types of answers people can get from AI. Focus on alternatives to AI and the unique advantages still inherent in humans. Until AIs have actual robot bodies and gain autonomy and providence, that’s going to be quite a lot remaining for humans for awhile.

License the content (or don’t license it) very explicitly. If an AI learns from the content produced above, make it inherently obvious that it did so based on the unique precise nature of the subject-matter. In other words, there’s no way the AI could have known such-and-such if it didn’t learn it from this location. That’s going to be tough because deep learning systems appear to exhibit intuition and initiative. None-the-less, if we go about creating our content with this in mind, we are more likely to produce smoking-gun evidence when content theft does occur.

I am clearly walking into the tornado on this one. Good. My daily journaling in vim is the type of thing I have to share with people. Think! Maybe you make this a daily routine. Get people addicted to a thing. Play up the human relationship stuff. Reverberations of Fred Rodgers. Be a Fred Rodgers of tech, where all the children are actually adults going through existential crisis because of AI. We’re going to have “superior” parent all our lives now, and most of them are going to be corporate sponsored trying to make us sheep.

Problems are going to be solved and an accelerated rate. Processes are going to become more efficient. Endeavors that would have taken decades to accomplish will be compressed into years, if not months. The age of Wonderland and OZ is definitely upon us. I should play up that aspect as well.

Mr. Rodgers accompanies you to Wonderland and OZ. The first and most important thing is to know which is which. What world-view prevails in the arena you walk into? What flavor of jealous greed and control does the rulership abide by, the British monarch type or the American revolutionary type? It will make a lot of difference with what you can do as Alice or Dorothy in those worlds.

In Alice’s Wonderland the best you can hope for is not getting your head chopped off. In Dorothy’s Oz, you might become a respected and loved co-princess of the land, welcome to invite your Uncle Henry and Aunt Em to come live. What, you haven’t read the books? Shame on you! Much about how AI is going to play out can be gleaned from The Wizard of Oz original 14 book series.

The key question is do I think I’m going into the tornado enough to make living expenses off of from Patreon, YouTube Membership and other sources? I think I may turn the multiple revenue stream thing into part of my whole schtick, playing into the new sidehustle culture, but with my own particular twist because my mad skills are exactly what everyone trying to do sidehustle covet. I mean just starting with being a vim person, but onto Linux, Python…

Yeah, no need to beat the dead horse. Actually there is. Most people don’t get it. The more you crystallize and clarify that vision in your head, the more you’re going to be able to effectively communicate it to different people in different ways, from the elevator pitch to long-form essays and video.

Hmmm, this comes down to steady, even pressure publishing the very content that will make me money. All content I publish now has to be geared towards:

Don’t do anything during business hours publishing-wise until after the end of the day tomorrow, which makes today perfect for cleaning up and getting organized.

Show the world what you’ve got. Never not be writing. The system that lets you keep writing and publishing is the next thing up. Currently I copy paste from SimpleNote into vim when I’m not in front of my computer. But it should be emailing a special email address that is always checking and capable of appending onto this very journal.

Think through the project and carry it out as another one of your overtures to the world. You need to always do at least one practice run if you want to avoid editing video.

I’ll have to chose an email address to use. If the email is used for nothing else and checks for a particular sender, then I can use the subject as the headline and the body of the email as the post. Markdown helps a lot here too.

It’s like I’ve been practicing for projects like this for awhile and I just have to bring the time, motivation, and schtick. We should all have at least one server running 24x7 on our behalf. This world had been quite inaccessible to the mortals amongst us because servers, ugh! But that all changed last October when Microsoft backported WSLg to Windows 10.

Start writing. Writing is encoding thoughts. By going through a linguistic encoder, you are forced to articulate your thoughts and actually know what you think at a higher level of consciousness. Until you do that, there’s nagging uncertainties especially when it comes to articulating your thought quickly on demand, either for communication or decision making. So journal writing helps you think better, communicate better and make better decisions.

So there’s a logical sort of flow developing. Help other people do for themselves what you have done for yourself. Keep off the big media player home server software. There’s a role for that but plenty of people show and do that. That’s not what I’m about. I’m about a server that does things for you much like ITTT (If This Than That) and Zapier do for you, but without a dependency on them. Just use Python and whatever is apt or pip installable.

Figure out what it is that you deeply care about more than anything else and fear losing, and imagine losing it to find motivation to spur you forward and into action. It’s not an easy thing.

There is a dichotomy out there. “Stories” are so important, but it seems that there is little attention-span for long-form content anymore.

Let’s focus on content that’s of great value which comes from breaking information or new things in the world that aren’t part of common knowledge yet. Not common knowledge, that’s an important concept.

If you’ve been able to do as much as you’ve done distracted and with shitty parenting and terrible guidance, imagine what you’re going to be able to do now focused, having a clue and with AI as my sort of common wisdom parenting. Narcissists are going to be some who have the least to learn from AI because they think they know it all. It’s going to be a very humbling experience. But for me, what I plan on doing is putting myself back into a child-like state asking questions at infinitum and with an open mind regarding the answers and modifying my behavior.