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How many roads must a man walk down before Microsoft gets you to Bing?

by Mike Levin

Friday, March 17, 2023

Through attrition, Microsoft’s going to get you to yield to default search and cry Uncle and leave your browser defaults set to Edge and Bing.

Well then your browser defaults just got reset to Microsoft Edge!

It’s time to install Chrome, right? Well what if the default is just as good as Chrome because it’s based on the same Google-provided free and open source Chromium, but also has all the might of Microsoft going into better features like full-screen snapshots, grouped tabs and the like. Sure, Chrome catches up eventually, But Microsoft’s in the lead here just like with ChatBots and AI. So it only makes sense than once you give Edge a chance, all roads lead to Bing.

So you’re using Edge and you type something into the address bar that’s not exactly a URL, what happens these days? How may things might you click that leads to a Bing chat, intentionally or not? Let’s take a look:

Paths Into Bing Chat After Non URL Address Bar Input