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If Greys Exist They're a Banana Crops

I'm on a mission to make enough ad revenue from YouTube and other platforms to support myself financially over the next 15 years. My goal is to live a long life, nurture and engage with an audience, and have empathy for all life forms. I'm determined to move somewhere with a low cost of living and die alone, not burdening family or friends. I'm sharing my stories and encouraging people to do what they love, follow evidence-based thoughts, and provide tools for future generations.

Live Long, Follow Evidence-Based Thoughts and Provide Tools for Future Generations

By Michael Levin

Friday, September 23, 2022

But before I tell you about this, I save this love message from OBS Open Broadcast Studio for my own edification. If you want to learn about the Greys and a better way to live life than pursuing money, scroll down a bit.

OBS Studio 28.0.2
28.0.2 Hotfix
Fix macOS updater not updating to newer versions [Rodney]
Fix YouTube Manage Broadcast dialog being too large for 768p displays [cg2121]
Fix broken prefix for obspython binary module on Linux [PatTheMav]
Fix hotkey settings screen not accepting all input on macOS [PatTheMav]
Fix memory leak with mpegts [pkv]
Fix crash when left-clicking on non-multiview projectors [r1ch]
Fix I420 HLG support [rcdrone]
Fix resource leak in v4l2-output [shoffmeister]
Fix source name edit textbox not accepting input on enter [PatTheMav]
Add support for reading NV12/YUY2 PQ/HLG [rcdrone]
Fix spacing in scene and source tree [gxalpha]
Fix Qt5-linked plugins crashing Qt6-based OBS builds on Linux [kkartaltepe/norihiro]
Update volume controls decay rate on profile switch [PatTheMav]
Fix crash when removing filter after changing a value [PatTheMav]
Fix frame sharing and colorspace issues for macOS Virtual Camera [PatTheMav]
Fix crashes and unusable property button for VSTs on M1 Macs [PatTheMav]
Fix Light theme Studio Mode labels and T-bar [shiina424]
Update media states when image source is de-/activated [WarmUpTill]
Don't save/overwrite browser docks if CEF hasn't loaded [WizardCM]
Fix DeckLink Output color range and space [rcdrone]
Undeprecate traditional capture sources on macOS 12 [gxalpha]
Fix startup crash on Intel Macs [Jim]
Fix NVIDIA Audio Effects not updating according to user selection [pkv]

15 Year Timeframe

Okay so I’m on a 15-year timeframe for ad revenue on YouTube and things like it to support me financially. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to move somewhere with such low cost of living that Social Security will feed and house me. I plan to die alone, not burdening family or friends, but to do it with self-love, flair and panache. We only need one or two really good friends in this life, and by that age you had damn well be one of your own. Live a bit in your mind but not so much so that you should be checked into a home. That plus a good term life insurance policy is all I need savings-wise. So long as I nurture and stay engaged with an audience over whatever is the YouTube of the day, I’ll be able to supplement my income and achieve all my Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. Then go for living a really long life. Maybe a centurion. Humble yet lofty goals for sure, and certainly off the beaten track.

Stay in tune with how the world’s changing and don’t be a dinosaur. Be a turtle or alligator if you want to achieve a static state and never evolve much. Perfect natural templates have a lot going for them if you’re only passing down the genes. But if you want more from life, like Shakespeare and Python, it’s better to be the mush under the dinosaurs’ feet. Be the mole burrowing through the dirt where it’s safe and food sources abound, but keep poking your head up to see how things are coming along topside. Then don’t be scared to scamper topside and check things out. Just don’t expect to live the life of a top-tier predator like a tiger for a few hundreds of thousands of years. The Cambrian Explosion of life templates was around 500 Million years ago, and we’re lucky we’re not all fish and crabs. I think we’ll find a lot of planets where if they got past slime mold, they’ll stall out at fish and crabs.

We’re lucky to be human. We’re lucky to be self-aware and to have empathy for other forms of life. It is almost the same thing because it plays off of our ability to run simulations of things in life in our head. We can imagine what it’s like to be a baby crying for its mother’s milk or to have its diaper changed. It’s a small stretch to imagine being like other primates and mammals whose babies have similar needs. The more sinister and venomous a creature’s babies are born, the less likely we are to have empathy for them. Those with imagination have deeper empathy and compassion for they can imagine being other life forms. Do you feel bad for accidentally stepping on ants? How about deliberately swatting mosquitoes? Anyone who tries to corner you into yes/no answers lacks empathy, and thus creativity and is probably living in a turtle or alligator-like static state. Reject false dichotomies—wrongful yes/no black & white framing of issues. Such people hate your creative, empathetic and dynamic nature.

Alligators think alligators are right so eat everything and make more alligators. Their genes tell them they’re more ancient than the strange land-monkeys doing so well right now, and if it just lies low and keeps doing what it’s doing, it’ll outlive them. There’s truth to this. Being partially aquatic blocks a lot of radiation and that rough hide does wonders for surviving the acid rain. A belly full of rocks will grind the bones of a anything you eat and an immune system to die for keep you alive. Hang out and digest all those carcasses of more fragile animals you leisurely gobbled up while you hang out basically doing nothing. Lather, rinse repeat. Laying low even helps time pass quicker up above while the environment resets. Fresh water is nice, but in a pinch salt water’s no problem either. It’s nice to have a gizzard. It’s nice to be a lizard. The turtle’s story is similar but different in vegetable themed ways.

So we strange monkeys—we’ve made it! And we’re running headlong into the next filter event which we’ll ether create for ourselves or fail to deflect. The math bears out that once you have the end-everything button and, exponentially advancing tech gives access to more and more people, statistically someone’s going to press it. Drax from the James Bond movie Moonraker taught me this when I was nine. It’s as certain as the next big asteroid hit if we don’t deflect it. One of the larger meta-purposes of evolution and humanity is to pull off both of these particular deflection. And even that’s just warmup practice for the gama bursts which will only likely pull through by colonizing the galaxy. Oh there’s that word, colonizing. Did I trigger you? We’ll I’ll tell you what, you can have your own planet. Would that make you happy? Maybe the Mormons have it right. So we’re working toward that, but meanwhile we’re moles.

Aliens that pulled off surviving those filter events did so at the expense of biological diversity. When you get a formula that works, you keep using it. Rinse and repeat for a few millennia and you’ve got a banana farm full of clones that the next disease will wipe out like sudden population collapse. That’s what the Greys are if they’re not proto-memories of what everyone looks like when we’re infants just opening our eyes. If Greys are real than my money is on them being a banana crop, and we’re of so much interest to them for exactly the X-Files hybridization reasons. But that’s just nuts. The principle of Occams Razor convinces me we’re the first human-like life our Universe has produced and all these things we see in the sky are of our own creation.

Folks who make the statement that that stuff in the sky is thousands of years ahead of anything we have lack imagination. By my estimation, the same ah-ha moment that Atoms exist that came from botanist Robert Brown of Brownian Motion fame from 1827, Einstein who explained it in 1905 and Robert Oppenheimer who made it go boom in 1945 happened with Quantum virtual particles when Richard Feynman noticed discrepancies in experiments from what math predicted. He was the Robert Brown who noticed the effect. It was explained and experimentally demonstrated by Willis Lamb and the Lamb shift effect and soon after by Hendrik Casimir with the Casimir effect. This was all in the years immediately following the big boom; 1947, 48 and such. Knowing virtual particles were real meant they could be aligned to point the same direction under a sufficiently strong electric field and become magnetized. Because it wasn’t a bomb, you didn’t hear the boom. You just hear rumors of things flying in the sky “thousands” of years ahead of anything we have. Uneducated heathen.

It’s 80 years since then. A lot can Lockheed Boeing in that time. Advantage and air-superiority can only be maintained if secrecy can be maintained. Counterintelligence! Misinformation! Go with the statistically most likely thing—banana crop Greys who conveniently look like what we first see when our butts are slapped and we open our eyes for the first time. Yeah, hybridization. Our misinformation officers can make a lot of money on that story and nothing motivates profiteers like Elizondo Greer. The nut jobs authors will jump on Cooper Friedman and the Lucas Spielbergs will follow. Nobody will know what the ship is going on. The bomb goes boom so the public has to know about Atomics. But we won’t make the same mistake with Antigravity. This is the nature of power—dumbasses. 1000 years ahead of us, sheesh! Pragmatic physicists onto the truth are allowed to do their thing so long as it doesn’t amount to Federico Capasso.

Anyhoo, my role here as a mere m0le popping my head up is to share my morning stories. Does it sound outlandish? Well I’m just saying living life without obsessing over savings and fear of the future is an okay route. Instead look for the loveworthy bits. Do what makes you happy. Don’t let the nattering nay bobs of negativism get you down. They lack love. Do what you love and Bob’s your Uncle! Everyone dies and you can’t take it with you and you’re doing no favors dumping a load on your decedents. Dare to be different and do it differently, looking out for the corruptions that set in upon your own success that will tempt you to revert to an excessively child-like state. Trust your feelings, but follow your extensively evidence-supported thoughts. My thoughts keep bringing be to Linux, Python, vim & git. It’s a mission of basic literacy that can help provide tools to future generations of catastrophe-diverting moles.