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I'm Mike Levin helping you fight obsolescence

by Mike Levin

Friday, August 19, 2022

Woo wee! I got another video slammed out using a script that’s been running through my head. I think doing the overhaul of MikeLev.in using simplecss.org has really got my creative juices flowing. It’s a catalyst. I’ve got to keep that momentum going now. Every main page of my site will have a video which I’ll probably write a script for.

Hi, I’m Mike Levin helping you fight obsolescence in your personal technical skills by helping you see what tools to take up and why. Linux and vim are the way to get started, and you can on your Windows system today simply by changing your built-in default command-line from MS-DOS and Powershell to Linux by opening a Powershell and typing wsl –install.