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I've Got a Mic

by Mike Levin

Thursday, May 19, 2022

I got a mic.
I like to talk.
I love to talk into the mic.
I love the mic. I’m mic lovin’
I’ve got some tales.
So, let’s begin.

–by Mike Levin, 2022

The Magnificent Carnac

Show your keystrokes if you please. I do please! I do please… give me a moment, the magnificent carnac must be found on my start menu, run on the propr screen and have its position adjusted to not block the action. Voila!

Recording a vim macro

And as a bonus, I demonstrate vim visual block selection mode, proper use of html singletons, adding the macro to your .vimrc file, vim buffers and so much more. This one is chock full 0’ mic lovin’ goodness.