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I'm developing new habits to become an expert in technical moves and live-streaming. To make sure nothing proprietary is shared, I'm setting up hotkeys and testing embedding YouTube videos in my Github.io pages. I'm also creating mikelevinseo.com as a place to write about topics instead of my main journal. Click through to read more about my journey.

Developing Habits to Become an Expert in Technical Moves and Live-Streaming

By Michael Levin

Friday, August 20, 2021

Get really good at the technical moves. When you’re ready to publish things publicly, you have several options.

I need to develop some new habits to compel me forward, daily. Switch this over to public casting! When getting ready to broadcast publicly, I have to be very careful about this screen #1. I don’t want anything proprietary displayed. So I need a little ritual when getting ready to live-stream.

I feel confused and have to get rid of that confusion. Not merely get rid of it, but knowing what’s important and why, and achieve a bit of clarity, motivation, and forward-movement in life.

The streaming preparation that I do also applies to my entire system, like anything in my browser. So… gotta achieve clarity. What do I do? Well, as always:

1, 2, 3... 1?

I set up hotkeys to start streaming and stop streaming. Do a new test…

Hello World! I’m doing some new tests. Of course first is the transparent webcam headshot, an OBS feature. Next, I want really to have better looking YouTube embeds on my Github.io pages. You can’t see it but I also used a keyboard shortcut to get OBS itself out of the video and once I have confidence I’ll get this page… out as well.

Okay, so the embed…


That will take a moment to complete. Meanwhile I should set up that site, mikelevinseo.com, the way I did mikeateleven.com, meaning having it as the place where I really start writing about topics instead of my main journal (here) from which I would have to copy/paste all the time to publish it.

Okay, that’s done! Wow, I’ll update the ones on the other site…

That’s “before” and that’s after.

Okay, done. Onto main work!