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Just Moving Life Forward

Today is my child's 12th birthday and I'm taking the time to prepare for it. Unloading the car, I'm reflecting on the entanglement of things and how our lives are like quantized units of energy. Are we unique or part of the same rippling quantum field? I'm also reflecting on the Python command I programmed yesterday and its potential future uses. Join me as I explore these thoughts and prepare for a special day.

Exploring Life's Quantized Units on My Child's 12th Birthday

By Michael Levin

Sunday, November 6, 2022

I need not make another drive to the Poconos this morning as was my initial impulse, having this weekend to myself as I do. Tomorrow is my child’s 12th birthday and I am better served by making preparations, being “with them” whether I’m physically with them or not. Entanglement. How do things become entangled? Monkeys and stories and stories of monkeys.

Revel in this. Unpack the car. Make more videos. Do more journal entries. Have a super-powered day of the sort where you do not press yourself that hard, but are still doing significant things that move your life forward. Even just unloading the car will be one of those things today. It’s sitting there now as I write this with the trunk open, me taking up loads in small chunks. There’s some big, heavy chunks that await me. Ugh!

Things fit together in different ways, and those composite things includes our own lives. By some ability to measure, each of our lives from conception to decay, is an object. A unit. Clearly at conception and death there are blurred lines of demarcation. Is this not the same as with quantized units of energy? They’re given clear bounds outside which, while something might actually be happening somewhere, it is beyond our ability to sense.

Are we each unique down to the fundamental building block, or are we all just different parts on then same rippling quantum field? Ugh, let’s get something done. I’ve brought in some stuff from the car including the heavy aquarium stand, but it’s still just 8:45 AM. Have another coffee. Give yourself a break. Think about how the Python command you programmed yesterday will be used.

A funny thing about the work I did yesterday making the Python command to rot_13 an ssh key was that I didn’t think really about where it would be done. I assumed in the lxdwin repo folder, but the vast majority of people doing this process I don’t think will be starting out with a cloned repo. They’ll be copy/pasting the magic pixie dust install.bat script from mikelev.in/ux.

And so the ~/repos/transfer location makes the most sense. It’s used from the install.bat side but this wold be the first time I’m referring to it from install.sh, the later-stage part of the install.