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Lemmatizing Keywords for Site Navigation

I'm experimenting with lemmatization and keyword usage frequency to create consistent category pages for my website navigation. I'm ensuring the capitalization of the categories is correct and outputting them in both the website root and in `_includes`.

I identified a keyword usage frequency dictionary and put it back in properly to ensure my category pages were outputting with their correct articles and capitalization.

By Michael Levin

Friday, April 28, 2023

There are blank category pages like Windows. :b chop and turn off the Git release step. Put the cdict[cat]["count] in the category grid. Bingo. Perfect. Go ahead and release that…

Okay, so the logic to get the counts for cdict is good, but the logic in creating the category pages has a flaw.

Hmmm, there’s something called lemmatization which is a lot like word stemming, getting the “root” stem of a word, but which produces more common words than the funny non-word stem fragments stemming can produce. To have consistency when I lemmatize, I convert a keyword to lower-case before the process.

If I’m using the keyword as a unique key, I also lower-case what comes out of the lemmatizer so the keywords are fewer overall and normalized. However, we still need to know the most common proper-case usage.

I’m doing an experiment now to see what comes out of the lemmatizer by default with the lower-case keyword in is correct. It should be in many case, but for things like Windows, it could go either way.

I should control that statistically based on usage, which I had done prior but just tore out for that key consistency I just described. I actually accidentally wiped out the frequency usage check, which if the default out of the lemmatizer isn’t good enough, I’ll put back in.

Yup. All my category pages are being produced now, but I lost my most common capitalization, so I’ll put that back in.

Yup. I identified the keyword usage frequency dictionary that I had previously implemented and tore out a short bit ago in favor of consistent lemmatization and put it back in properly.

Wow, it’s really just another case of extreme order sensitivity. We have to be very precise about consistently lemmatizing all keywords before being used as keys in various dictionaries so they can always join across keys.

Okay, so let’s assume all my category pages are now outputting with all their correct articles and that the category capitalization is always correct. What next?

It’s going to be time to conditionally customize category pages without creating collision situations. The cat_* pages are going to be output all the time in both website root and in _includes.