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Let People Know How You Feel

I'm taking a stand against the drama in my life by leading by example and spreading my message with YouTube videos. I'm planning out the title and thumbnail for each video to make sure I'm sending the right message. Follow my journey and click through to the blog post to find out more!

Taking A Stand Against Drama - My Journey to Lead by Example!

By Michael Levin

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Okay, pushed out a public post on this topic. Good.

A key thing is to not get caught up in the drama of the stories that are being told about me. Lead by example. Let the reality of the situation shine through. Do the cool things for yourself, and if need be, by yourself. Let them look upon you as having so much to learn, and let them come to you. Pushing anything upon them is likely going to be rejected given the evidence.

Just be your super-cool self. And in fact, pump-up the super-coolness.

This is done primarily through the YouTube videos.

Any single video can do the job. Plan the message (title) and the thumbnail beforehand.