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Little Things, Big Changes

I'm reflecting on the idea of making small changes day-by-day rather than committing to long-term projects. I'm also revising and editing my writing style, and I'm excited to share something that isn't yet on the internet. Read my blog post to find out what it is and to learn more about making permanent changes in my life.

Making Small Changes Day-by-Day: My Reflection and Writing Revisions

By Michael Levin

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Connecting the dots ain’t easy. It takes a little work ever day. My latest thoughts is annihilating the concept of “project”. Projects are too committal and insensitive to the autonomy of future-you. Whose to say that’s the project they’d like to do. Let them look around themselves and decide:

These are my daily metaphors and let me map out the unlikely paths. The nigh impossible paths, quite frankly. The path by which Duncan Idaho weaves his path to being the true Quizat Haderach to unify man and machine how Frank Herbert imagined but died before telling, leaving everyone to believe worm-guy Paul Atreides was it, and failing to explain what it was. Frank’s son and a ghost writer finished the tale, but I think only myself and this guy I used to know in my old Catskills colony actually read it. And I’m not even sure he did.

I’ll delve into the deep channeling of Dune in some other post. Suffice to say the best laid plans of mice and men amount to diddly if you’re not keen in your observations and flexible in your adjustments day-by-day. Sure, stick to your guns and your vision. Just be ready to improve your guns and revise your vision. Vision and revision, as I always say. Do I? Oh, well now I do. Yep, vision and revision. That’s a good writer’s tip too. Too bad I don’t do it in this journal-style writing, it’s just keep on keeping on.

That will change too. It is very much worth mentioning that this free association, never-edit, never-revise diary writing style is for… well, diaries. And diaries do not a magnum opus make. Don’t mistake one for the other. Even here in my daily blogs and vlogs, there are only the bits and pieces the fodder, if you will of magnum opuses to be found. I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it. Don’t rush me, kid. You bother me (in the voice of Foghorn Leghorn). Gotta get you up-to-speed on my 70s/80s-kid references.

Hmmm. This gives me an idea. I need to insert a picture of the Foghorn Leghorn cartoon character, an maybe that tiny little chicken-hawk that’s bothering him. Normally I would put a process such as this into one of the other websites I have set up for just such a purpose, such as LinuxPythonVimGit.com or MikeLevinSEO.com, but it’s a perfect example of looking around and making the world your checklist. The little things are, when compounded up time and time again, the big things that make all the difference.

What I’m about to post is one of the little things that makes a big difference. I will be posting some pics in this blog post. But the process by which I permanently and irrevocably improve my life, which is a really little thing, but which I’d like to document and keyword properly really doesn’t belong in this blog post. It deserves its own, and so it will be in the next blog post.

I will then use it to insert the pictures here.

There’s nothing else like this on the Net. If you’ve found this, you found one of those insider “found it early / ahead of everyone else” sort of things.

Or not. We’ll see.

Chicken Hawk From Foghorn Leghorn