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LXDWIN is now the DrinkMe JupyterLab Linux Install Script

I've rebranded my lxdwin repository to drinkme, and I'm starting a big data-pull project for work. I'm creating a repo folder so everyone can follow along and I'll make a video about it. Come join me and see how it all unfolds!

Come Join Me on My Big Data-Pull Project!

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Ugh, okay… I reworked my lxdwin repo into drinkme. I had to take the concept of LXD out of the repo name because it’s not always about LXD anymore, although I do want to get back to it. The urgency of day-to-day work has overridden my desire to be on a better container API than WSL.

It’s time to actually use the stuff I built. I have to avoid distraction at all costs. I have such a big data-pull project for work that landed in my lap. Ugh! Okay, 1, 2, 3… 1? Strong nickname! I have a repo folder that’s already a good candidate for WHERE it belongs.

Oh! Start that repo for everyone so that I can take mlseo and ohawf out of drinkme. Let everyone follow along from scratch!

Yes! It’s video-time.