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Make LXDWIN much about vim

Today, I'm focusing on making LXDWIN more about vim. I'm measuring success by how many people keep a daily journal in vim and introduce others to the command-line interface. I'm creating content for different audiences and saving time by laying the groundwork for others and AI-systems to edit. I'm applying this approach to my day-job and looking forward to the coming exodus from Microsoft Windows. Come join me on this journey and see what the future of computing holds!

Jump Into the Future of Computing with LXDWIN and Vim!

By Michael Levin

Friday, November 11, 2022

Hmmm, today? Well, go get a good breakfast. That I’m walking distance from a decent diner is a godsend for me. If I run out of food I just walk over there and sit at the counter like old times. I am very comfortable at diners. For that matter I have a grocery store within walking distance too so I could always just resupply. But I have mind-clearing and mental-state clarifying in mind. Grocery shopping is too much.

Let’s start something big.

I will measure my success will be measured by the number of people keeping a daily journal in vim, and beginning to introduce people to the command-line interface as a superior long-term interface with computers. Drag-and-drop and touchscreen is nice, but it will change every few years and with every new platform fad.

Create distinct different types of content for different types of audience.

Save time by not editing, but lay the groundwork for others and AI-systems to edit.

Okay, every day at work at your day-job, being applying what you’re deciding here. And what are you deciding? It’s an approach that makes me happy. What is that approach? It has a lot to do with how I’m spending my time. What about how you spend your time makes you happy or not happy? Well, having to be certain places for certain things, especially due to other peoples’ expectations on me makes me very unhappy indeed. I’ve had lots of people “pin their happiness” on me and my behaviors and then tried driving my behavior to their benefit. Eff-that! You live life for yourself and any new life you bring into this world, which is precisely one. I have one child. That is the only person in this life to whom I am answerable. Everyone else is by my choice. One can always move to other places on this Earth.

I sort of love how I work now. I sort of love the coming exodus from Microsoft Windows. I’m rather enjoying how what Microsoft ships with Windows today allows you to gradually make yourself independent of Windows. This is an inevitable future-trend that Mobile makes clear. As newer, cheaper and different hardware comes out, the chances of Windows as you know it today on Desktops lessens. Things change fast and this works against you getting better and better at things over time in the field of technology, or even merely in the expert use of technological tools. There are no samurai swords. There are no standard tools and toolboxes. It’s different every time.

I watch on the nuttiness going on with peoples’ attention over cryptocurrencies. FTX went belly-up today. It’s big news even in light of the election and the hurricane. Give people something else to pay attention to.

That’s a good way to lead:

Now for the right kind of mind, that means Linux, Python, vim & git, and now I nearly have it packed up the way I like on an LXD container.