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Making Every Morning Like Xmas Morning / Non-stop Surprises & Learning

As an individual, I believe that every morning should be an opportunity to learn something new and experience surprises. We should be able to identify symbols of meaning and feelings, and have the ability to uncover what motivates us. Unfortunately, the gap between the haves and have-nots is widening, making it difficult to stay at the top or bottom of the hierarchy. To lead a stress-free life, I suggest staying in the middle.

Experience Surprises & Learning Every Morning - Make Every Day Feel Like Xmas Morning!

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Every morning should feel like Xmas morning (or equivalent). We need common language; symbols we can all use to convey meaning and feelings. The feeling I’m trying to convey is that every morning should have surprising gifts awaiting for you that make you want to wake up, jump out of bed and rush to engage the world. Be surprised. Be disappointed. Be alternatively surprised and engaged, and bored and moving on. Have favorites you keep out and while sweaters and such are sorted and stored.

By the end, exhaustion overtakes your for the day and the whole thing can repeat the next day. Wouldn’t it be nice if every morning were like that? Yeah really, it can. Every single morning can be like Xmas morning. That’s what the age of the Internet and unlimited incoming information means, if only we can know what pushes our buttons and have the ability to convincingly package it all up as gifts for ourselves—gifts of information. Gifts of surprising learnings and growth. It is the fountain of youth.

Most matter shouldn’t matter, so these gifts are “gifts of information” of various sorts. Details will vary based on you; who you are and when makes you tick. So there is a certain element of self-discovery in this I’d you do not yet know yourself that we’ll get. What types of learnings and growth in life are you still hungering for? Does learning and improving and changing even drive you? Or are you just happier static and in your comfort zone? Is material comfort all you really live for?

I know a lot of people view it as a sort of material-things contest. Or a battle of what rung you’re on in the hierarchy of primate tribalism. As such, there’s a natural order with the luckiest, fiercest and best rising to super-wealth and power, like Putin and Musk. Musk may be the richest person in the world, but Putin is more powerful. And while while the wild world population growth has slowed down in recent years, the ratio of have’s-to-have-not’s continued creeping towards the 1/X power-law Pareto wealth distribution curve where the have’s are infinitely rich and the have-not’s are infinite in number.

If this is our new global primate hierarchy, then research shows there’s two places you don’t want to be due to how stressful it is: at the very top or the very bottom. Big males silverback gorillas always have to be on guard against the competition while the ones at the bottom can be freely picked on by everyone else (cruelty is a fact of life) without recourse or hope. So the very top and bottom is a life of always watching your back or no one ever having your back. Neither is very appealing and so the wise monkey spends his morning time figuring out how to be and stay in the middle. Interestingly, 1/X has no inflection point and zooming in on any segment looks identical.