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Microsoft Edge history is now syncing (turn off)

I experienced an unexpected surprise when I rebooted my computer - Microsoft Edge was syncing my browsing history and open tabs across all my devices. To protect my privacy, I created a video tutorial to show how to turn this feature off. Check out my blog post to learn how to quickly and easily disable Microsoft Edge history syncing.

Protect Your Privacy: How to Quickly Disable Microsoft Edge History Syncing

By Michael Levin

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

I just loaded Edge tonight after a reboot and was greeted with this happy message:

Microsoft Edge history is now syncing. We’ve added sync for browsing history and open tabs so you can continue browsing on any device. You can always customize what to sync in settings.

Microsoft Edge History Is Now Syncing

Not good. It’s bad enough how much Google tracks us through our gmail logins. Now Microsoft is trying to stay in parity. Let’s shoot a video on how to turn this off, protect your privacy (a little bit) and make this the video and page when people go searching on this topic.