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Microsoft is disincentivizing Installing Chrome & Changing Default Search

As a tech enthusiast, I'm fascinated by Microsoft's bold move to power AI ChatBot responses with Azure cloud computing and disincentivize users from installing Chrome or changing their default search settings. This could have a huge impact on Google's main revenue stream and completely shift the landscape of the tech industry. Learn more about this fascinating development and its potential implications.

Microsoft Making Bold Move to Disrupt Google's Revenue Stream with Azure Cloud Computing

By Michael Levin

Saturday, February 25, 2023

The more we realize how wondrous manufactured machines can be, the more plausible the simulation hypothesis seems.

Influence is a lot like page rank but with the input data being whatever media over whatever channels. References and citations in written, verbal or visual media will be the equivalent of links because AIs will be able to infer a lot. The spotlight will land on new and interesting people and new breed of meritorious influencers will be created.

I believe this to be inevitable, although there are greatly opposed forces that want to insure you have to be pay to play. In other words, nobody’s voice gets amplified unless you commit to their platform and pay for services of whatever type.

Thankfully different crawling & monitoring AIs will have different opinions on who should be influential on what topics, so AI will go through the same metasearch engine phase SEO did with Dogpile and Metacrawler, cross-referencing and keeping honest.

A key thing wrong with now new emergent celebrity works today is how powerful the media “gain” or “squelch” filters are set to filter out the noise so you can focus on signal. Cut out noise, cut out undiscovered gems. It’s like making panning for gold miss the gold dust. Much of value goes unnoticed.

The difficulty for Google is that how Google works both drives AdWords revenue (their lifeblood) and incentivized spammers to get the traffic for free, thus causing Google to kill more noise and more meritorious content in the long-tail by forever more turning up the squelch.

Microsoft had no such limitations because of how little market share they have in search and how little of their revenue comes from ads there. Consequently, Microsoft can outspent Google providing AI-assisted search results because it won’t cut into live blood revenue as it does Google.

This is Microsoft outflanking Google for subtle reasons you have to think through. The fact Bing is such a small percent of desktop search even though they control the browser and default search tell you? It’s the work people go through to keep using Google, installing Chrome or changing Edge settings.

If you were disincentivized to install Chrome or switch your default browser search-bar setting through even one hardware upgrade cycle, what would happen? That’s right, fortunes change fast when almost all your revenue comes from an antiquated form of search no one wants to use anymore.

This sudden collapse of main revenue stream for Google would be an unlikely scenario were Microsoft not equipped with Azure cloud computing to power the very AI ChatBot responses Google is too gun-shy to release. It’s a double-whammy. Microsoft changed expectations and habits through one hardware upgrade cycle.