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Moving Is Not Easy To Do: Real-life or Linux

I recently moved, and it was a lot of work to stay organized. Moving to a new place has allowed me to think things through and reorient myself, and I'm looking to establish momentum, reacquire my equilibrium, and keep creating. Unfortunately, I've found that Windows 11 doesn't let you hide taskbar icons, and even hacks to remove the clock don't work. Read my blog post to find out how I'm dealing with the transition.

Navigating the Move: My Experience with Windows 11

By Michael Levin

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Moving is not easy to do. I have moved. I moved myself without a truck. I did it just through my Jeep. It’s taken a lot of trips and will take a few more still, but I get to sort and sift unlike “the big dump”. I have to be careful to not allow what I’ve done with the jeep to transform into a big dump.

The big dump is losing sight of what you have enough to call yourself disorganized again. Or rather, to lose control of this “digestion” process I’m trying to foster. I’m digesting what I own to pair it down for a more freer and happier life and existence.

Okay, so you’re in a new home. You have to reorient yourself. This is neural mapping. This is forced change and perchance, growth. With each such “reset” of your muscle memory, you have a chance to think things through. What’s home? What are your habits? What are your most important cross-cutting habits?

Momentum has been broken. This must be re-established. This sort of makes you a newb again in many ways. You have to quickly reacquire your equilibrium.

Pshwew! I’m gradually getting back on track. And even though the getting back on track is gradual, the actual little steps forward are enormous. Let’s recap yesterday’s work, which was actually a culmination of quite a lot of work. What are the most important things to keep in mind?

I need to do some off-work-time videos like I did at the old Poconos place. Just because I’m “back” here in New York City doesn’t mean those videos have to stop. Keep creating. You’ve only gotten a taste. You’ve only given them a taste. Keep channeling. Keep finding that inspiration and let it run through you. Expand yourself. Push yourself. Use the power of thought.

Make a few people happier than they would have been without you–especially your kid. How can you reach them? Do your own interesting things worth learning from. Do things that make you happy and feel like you are in a wonderful place.

What is life about? You are in a wonderful place.

I am on Windows 10. I remain on Windows 10 primarily because of the screen transitions between virtual desktops. It is almost unbelievable to me that Windows can have the trackpad 4-finger gesture can be set to switch desktops using a smooth transition but the Ctrl+Windows keys plus the left and right arrows don’t have a transition at all but rather an instantaneous and disconcerting pop from desktop to desktop. What a major usability regression for people who love virtual desktops!

Windows 11 Doesn’t Let You Hide Taskbar Icons

Even Windows 11 Hacks to Remove Clock Don’t Work