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My First MOZ Programming Project Will Be Emailed Screenshots

by Mike Levin

Thursday, March 09, 2023

Getting started with Moz. How does this go? Well, I have a project I stepped up for which is getting to know every data source enough to say a few smart words about it. Instead, I need to figure out how to tackle that project. There is a grid for me to fill in. But I think it should be a sort of interview. Why does this data exist? What are the issues surrounding such data? What do the collection histories look like and on what medium with which products or services?

But here’s what I want to do. I want to make an overture to the SEO community, offering a bit of cool FOSS SEO capabilities. Notice, I don’t say a FOSS SEO product, even though I do pitch my Pipulate.com a little bit that way. No, I want to teach people how to do stupid data tricks (in the spirit of David Letterman’s stupid pet/people tricks). There’s a lot of really cool, valuable data tricks you can do these days that will make you very valuable to a very wide array of potential employers or customers, be you an in-house person or an SEO agency, large or small.

I can teach a few tricks. It runs local on your machine, be it a Mac or a Windows laptop. It can go out and do stuff on the Internet, like visit a website and take a screenshot of that website and email that screenshot to you daily so you can get in the habit of monitoring some thing.

That’s the baby-step. That’s the tiny first step from which so many other useful things grow. I think I need only get peoples’ laptops in general working that way without too much effort, and we’ll be receiving plenty of ideas about building it as the next step. And we can build it together, collaboratively.

Already I can see this is too many words. Simplify!