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Notebook-based Browser Automation With NBDev

I'm starting a journal to document my journey of improving my life with NBDev. NBDev makes writing code easier and more organized, and it's a great improvement over VSCode's Jupyter Notebook extension. I had some trouble shooting a video with OBS, but the nbdev_export worked well. Follow my journey as I document my successes and learn from my mistakes!

Improving My Life with NBDev: My Journal Begins!

By Michael Levin

Thursday, April 6, 2023

I’m going to start this journal by talking about the things I’m doing to improve my life. I’m going to start with nbdev. NBDev has already improved my life by making it easier to write code that is more organized and easier to maintain. Jupyter Notebooks have changed the world. It’s one of the great untold stories of tech, because of the CRISIS OF REPRODUCIBILITY in science.

Jupyter Notebooks are a wonderful development environment. They’re experimental and great for mixing documentation with code.

Now VSCode has a Jupyter Notebook extension that makes it possible to use Jupyter Notebooks in a more traditional IDE environment. However, it makes them into .py files, and those are the files you want to use in a production environment. So VSCode erases the desirable split between your experimental and production environments.

NBDev does this way better.

I had some trouble shooting this video as I thought I might, because OBS slows my system down just enough to keep the browser automations from working well. But the nbdev_export worked well. In fact all the steps that did work well are: