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Okay, I'll Bite. Could Quantum Mechanics Be Related to Remote Viewing?

by Mike Levin

Friday, September 30, 2022

I just bought the Audible Entangled Minds by Dean Radein. ESP isn’t something I’m usually interested in, but the talk about the CIA’s “retired” Stargate program has gotten to me. Quantum mechanics is just mind-boggling. Non-locality is still rocking my worldview. It took awhile for it to set in that there are not particles but there are only rippling quantum fields. One particle is only separate from another because it’s a different wave crest popping into our realm. All particles are virtual, it’s just some are more persistent than others. But all this entanglement is usually erased at a macro-scale and that’s much the point of existence. Coherence is intended to be erased for answering the big questions. Reverting to quantum effects is a sort of regression, but it’s what’s used for life. The way chlorophyll works is a great example.