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OpenAI Codex API Cost Getting Started Usage Pattern

Getting started with the OpenAI Codex API and worried about cost? Understand the cost pattern of catching up with a backlog, and then costs going down moving forward. Once my job was 'caught up', processing going forward was only 50 cents per day.

I used OpenAI Codex API and this was my cost getting started usage pattern.

By Michael Levin

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Getting started with OpenAI Codex API and wondering what Cost getting started usage pattern is? This was mine. I had a project in mind that had some back-log of data to catch up on. I started out on “text-davinci-002” and processed the backlog. I then realized how much better “text-davinci-003” was and adjusted my prompts a bit and then reprocessed.

OpenAI Codex API Cost Getting Started Usage Pattern

Once my job was “caught up”, processing going forward is like 50 cents per day. That’s not terrible, paying someone about $.50 to read, summarize, describe and keyword your blog post for you.