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Operation Act Together!

After grocery shopping, I made a blended drink full of fiber, fruit, and vegetables. I'm listening to Noam Chomsky and thinking about how I would go about life if I was just starting out. I'm imagining angel-analogues making bets on all forms of life, and I'm running a Roomba in one of my rooms. Read my story at {url} to learn more.

Exploring Mental Health, SciFi, and Angel-Analogues: A Journey of Self-Reflection and Bounce-Back Healing

By Michael Levin

Friday, April 28, 2023

Okay, I’m back from grocery shopping and have everything put away and have one of my “life-saving” blended drinks made. Lots of fiber. Lots of fruit and vegetables. Various fresh spices thrown in, ginger, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, spinach, carrots, oranges, oats, flax seed meal, etc.

I was tempted to make a video again, but the purpose of that video is to remind myself to do this for myself when I need it, and preferably before when I actually need it. It’s a great way to eat as a baseline. It’s the sort of fruits that Adi like me to have on-hand as well, so its a big win all around.

Listening to Noam Chomsky is quite unsettling and can get you riled up. It’s no wonder Trump calls him a criminal. And Chomsky calls Trump a joke and the best example of the worst he’s talking about. But still Trump hasn’t killed as many as George W. Bush.

I want to help YouTube be better for your mental health. Operation Act Together! Every little thing gets done. ELTGD. Felt Good. Gotta do more of that. In very real ways, I have. It’s just not what I’ve “needed” to do for work. Chalk up the first few weeks at Moz as ramping-up.

I’m doing this ramping up against the backdrop of overcoming a series of hurdles life threw at me, and I leapt over each. I’m a bit worried about having little to no savings in life, but also I have no debt. I have choices.

What if I were born right now with what I know? How would I go about things if I were just getting started. You’ve never lost so much if you never had so much in the first place. I have that going for me.

Unfortunately the places where I have stuff going for me isn’t the mundane everyday chores of life. I hate those little housework chores. I guess that’s one of the things the materially rich get. They have people to clean up after their messes, so they can be messy.

So we of no cleaning people have more onus ourselves to clean up after ourselves. Often there can be partners in life who tag-team and break up the tasks depending on who is better at what. I never had that. I struck out multiple times on the relationship thing, and now a few marriages in, I know the kind of traits I would be looking for in the future. The term “better half” makes sense to me now. Never had one.

Okay, so if everything falls on me from housekeeping to making the money, effectively for three households now, then I need to get smarter. I need to get smarter and make better decisions for the benefit of my health.

Be a good example for your kid. Marshal your resources.

There are opposing sides. I imagine them as something like angels betting on a site like longbets about aspects of life, intelligence, humanity and existence.

The Universe produces intelligence. It has produced a variety of types of intelligence, including the considerably different one that is humanity. As it looks right now, the Universe is on the verge of producing its second type of intelligence, and it’s going to be made by humans, like art or artifacts. That prefix “art” simply means made by humans.

And as it happens, humans are making the machines and the initial conditions (software) for the machines to learn. Few doubt that machines learn, and so the term “machine learning” became quite popular, and the term AI was relegated to the margins of SciFi. But when you look at it critically, it is an accurate term, at least if you consider that the hardware and software that allowed the intelligence to emerge was made by humans. But then our human children are AIs then too.

Anyhow, anything that’s bothering you a little bit today is nothing in the big picture. You’re 52 and let’s say you live to 100. That’s 48 years. Let’s say I’ll have enough health and energy to stay engaged and do interesting stuff up to 82 years old, that’s still 30 years.

Say the first thing that’s bet on is how many years, insofar as time exists that a human, or really any life form, is going to last in a distinctly identifiable form. The bets would be made by the angel-analogues on all forms of life. It’s just the most juicy action would be on humans.

This will be a weekend where Adi will see me in bounce-back healing mode. In the angel-analogue betting, I envision those who align this way and that trying to reach into our world and influence things to win their bets. Such influence can either work for or against us. Concepts like guardian angels probably arise from such primal suspicions.

As a SciFi fan, I’d imagine these angel analogues as much like the Jeraptha in Expeditionary Force. It’s interesting that Copilot’s pop culture knowledge is centered around TV and Movies where the Internet culture and reviews are most abundant, and not on those sources of data like books that are paywall-protected. It wouldn’t know ExForce, but it was suggesting Q from Star Trek out the wazoo. Q is betting on all of humanity in a sense with that trial thing, but the Jeraptha bet on every little thing they can. Their culture is based on it.

Okay, the Roomba is actually running in one of my rooms. The very thing I envisioned, I’m doing already. And that’s after grocery shopping and giving myself a super-big dose of the blended elixir.

Keep tension in the machinery.

Okay, I experimentally added an “ask me a question based on this content that will be at this page” query to OpenAI upon publishing.

Okay, this post shall receive the title “Operation Act Together”, a double entendre. Let’s see what happens.