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Pipulate to be a FOSS SEO Awesome List Pre-Installed on Linux Server

I'm working on a project called Pipulate, and I've been editing everything all at once to make day-to-day work easier. I'm using Jekyll as the static website generator, but I'm considering switching to Hugo. I've also made my logo into an animated gif and used it in the headline of my main site, and I'm documenting the fact that Pipulate is a full Linux server. Come check out my project and see what I'm up to!

Making Day-to-Day Work Easier with Pipulate: A FOSS SEO Awesome List Pre-Installed on Linux Server

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Chipping away at something little by little is sometimes the best way to make progress, but this presupposes that you even know where and how to chip day by day. As time passes it’s easy to lose vision of what and how you’re chipping and why. The “sculpture” that’s locked inside the stone per Michaelangelo’s famous saying goes blurry and out of focus.

I just brought back pipulate.com. It needs some primary navigation so I have more than just one page to work with. I want the homepage of pipulate to be an “awesome list” of Github repos I offer which together constitute Pipulate. Currently, I slapped a ChatGPT description of FOSS and SEO on the homepage, and that’ can’t (shouldn’t) last. Clarify my vision for myself so I can help others do the same. Prinav on Pipulate…

I’m currently working in Jekyll because that’s the easiest thing to use on Github, but it’s not necessarily the fastest or best. Hyde seems somewhat abandoned, the competitor to Jekyll written in Python. Another contender called Hugo has entered the static sight generator arena. Hugo’s written on Go and is apparently the fastest. Maybe eventually I’ll switch my SSG and I’m trying to not over-commit to Jekyll.

I made my logo into an animated gif again. I want to get more leverage out of it if it works in. Okay, it’s worked into the headline of my main site. It also uses a nonbreaking text headline with an inline graphic and the viewport resizing. Okay, very nice.

Now start pushing forward hard. You might even want to get ChatGPT’s opinion on things.

Okay, document the fact that Pipulate is a full Linux server on Pipulate.com. Done. Threw in the rabbit ascii art.

Things shouldn’t be so difficult and your knowledge and know-how shouldn’t go obsolete so fast.

When you take the time to learn something, you should know that those learnings will last long enough to make it worth the effort.

Okay, things went pretty well.

The premise of editing everything all at once is working out well. I have to occasionally craft /usr/local/sbin/all in order to reflect which files I want to be editing and making sure all the git pulling and pushing is occurring correctly. But once it’s tweaked, it makes day-to-day work enormously simpler and you just think to do things you normally wouldn’t because they’ve become so much easier.