Future-proof your skills with Linux, Python, vim & git as I share with you the most timeless and love-worthy tools in tech through my two great projects that work great together.

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I'm taking steps to fight chaos and increase my focus by switching apps with the taskbar, deleting everything from my start menu, hiding all alerts, and turning off my clock. In this series of quick videos, I'll be teaching viewers how to make the command line interface (CLI) their new home, starting with the best modern habits for focus and productivity. Additionally, I'll be discussing the mind control battle between Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Fight Chaos and Increase Focus: Learn How to Make the Command Line Interface Your New Home

By Michael Levin

Friday, August 26, 2022

A micro-blip 1-min video every day. That’ll give you time to edit. Also make it vertical format friendly for TikTok and such.

Assume each video is the first time anyone ever saw you or is being exposed to your message. Idiot-proof each vid to let folks start at the beginning.

Output the master sequence once for each big platform, with the page-embeds. DON’T CREATE DUPLICATE CONTENT.

Connect the dots between the righteous feedback loop projects.

Hold yourself to a rigid schedule of a video per day.


Create a path that even the biggest idiot can follow.


You are the subject of a mind control battle between Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. In my day it was between General Electric, Westinghouse and Disney, there being 3 TV channels as there were. It’s been a joy to watch the shift.

That we live in a world where Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars is chillingly cool. That the mind control folks compete to bring ever more powerful magic into our lives is nothing less than, well, miraculous. The phones in our pockets are magic wands.

Mind control starts with putting hardware in your life whose startup procedure and operation is under the control of someone who had something to sell. You have been charmed and now the priority of those who’ve done it is to keep you enthralled.

The Silicon Valley kids have wrestled the baton from the military industrial complex. Control of the hardware and OS makes Apple and Microsoft heir apparent. Both Google and Amazon are surprises due to their adept control of the cloud and surprise hardware.

Microsoft was almost squeezed out of the game, but then started making mice. After that, game consoles and laptops. Now their product designs are more innovative than Apple’s. To top it off, they bought Github to remain in the lives of nearly all developers.

Because hardware is expensive and requires economy of scale to compete, you have no small-players or dark horse heroes on your side. Oh, except Richard Stallman, Ebon Upton and the few who have brought us the free and open source movement—no longer just software, because Raspberry Pi.

The British ARM architecture of our mobile phones has clobbered Intel, but is still proprietary. We need free and open source processors printable in home fab kits to secure our freedom in the digital age. We also need better mesh networking and mobile grid tech.

If we don’t destroy ourselves, we’ll get there. But like in H.G. Wells’ Time Machine, society will split into the mind-controlled Eloi sheep and the savage cord-cutting off-gridder Morlocks. The trick is to peacefully coexist and for us Morlocks to prevent better than our leader, RMS.

Windows 10 is still the reality for most folks. But let’s start you on your way to freedom and open source (or FOSS). We can do this while keeping you on whatever desktop environment you’re most comfortable.

This is the first in a series of quick videos in which I’ll teach you how to make the command line interface (or CLI), your news home. It’s achievable. It’s a new normal. I’m going to start you off with the best modern habits for focus and productivity.

Modern Desktop OSes have gone to war against your ability to focus. Windows 11 had taken away the ability to remove the clock and a few alert icons from your taskbar. You can auto-hide the taskbar but that too interrupts focus.

I recommend you stay on Windows 10. It lets you get down to a blank desktop like this and desktop transitions like this. The icons are for keyboard shortcuts I’ll speak more in later. If you’ve already upgraded, don’t worry.

The end game is to have your first desktop running a full-screen terminal with vim. But don’t worry, I t’s not terminal. It will only feel that way at first. Virtual desktops are a feature built into all modern desktop OSes, and that’s our next step.

Stop using Alt+Tab or the taskbar to switch apps. Make apps full screen and use one per virtual desktop. Add more like this. Use Win+Left & Right to switch. Use Win+Tab to see all your desktops. Move apps between desktops like this.

Next delete absolutely everything from your start menu. We’ll put things back as you need them. Delete all icons from desktop. Go into settings and [get instructions]. Hide all alerts like this, and finally turn off your clock.

All good? Good, you’re ready to focus. What we’re doing is fighting chaos. Agents of chaos want to reduce your ability to focus, go into the zone and be effective. They lack this ability themselves, and you developing it scares them.

Those who push back against you taking this next step, internal or external, are not your friends. They fear your change from a static to a dynamic personality. Use it to identify those who fear your growth.