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Remain Positive & Know Signs Of When You're Doing Something Right

I'm making a big move back to New York and embracing the challenge. I'm learning to think more deeply, choose who I want to be, and move my life forward like a scientist. I'm no longer allowing myself to stay stuck and instead am taking action to do what's right. Read my blog post to find out more about my journey and how I'm staying positive during this transition.

Making a Big Move to New York? Here's How I'm Staying Positive and Moving Forward.

By Michael Levin

Friday, June 10, 2022

The iron is hot, such as they say. Things are busy on all fronts in life and I have to start really focusing on my move back to New York now. I’m really going to miss the Poconos, but my child is only going to be going through this critical 11-years-old Alice/Dorothy coming-of-age period once in their life. I need to be closer for setting a better example of how to live, no matter how people force you into unfortunate situations. But if you’re going to be Charlie Brown and keep kicking at the football, receive acknowledgement from Lucy that she won’t pull the football away. That way when she does, you have proof which opens the door to greater learnings and better remedies.

The human brain is powerful. Activate it more fully in everyday interactions. Look at things in a way so that when you look at them again, you know you have already seen them. Take note. Activate the other senses if you can. Smell, touch, taste, whatever is available. The brain works by cross-linking messages, and also a little how indexes work in an actual database. Not everything is the “raw data” going in. That’s like an undifferentiated data-stream. It’s like how a baby experiences the world before they have language and… well, experience. If you stay in that state and do not let your experiences somehow actually change you, then you are slowing down growth, and indeed actually cheating yourself out of the opportunity of growing and bettering yourself as a person… by your own criteria.

For you see, even just choosing what kind of human being you want to be is part of that open-mindedness and mindfulness when encountering new experiences. We start out as infants just taking in a data-stream. We gradually make sense of things and knit together cause-effect relationships. Some of us create if-this-than-that theories and strive for more in life by testing those theories and moving our lives forward sort of like a scientist. Others get stuck in that infant-like state just crying out like babies and demanding feeding (and later, money) from those around. Any form of higher-human interaction (which will be labeled “fighting” and “your fault” automatically by such children-adults) brings out a sort of crying and escalation. Root causes are not allowed to be addressed. That ends now.

Continue to do what’s right.