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Running Automated Script on NAS 24x7 Under LXD Container

by Mike Levin

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Hello World! I just did the final step so that my LXD Linux Container running in my “home cloud” (QNAP NAS / not my laptop) just as capable as the ones I’m running directly on my laptop. So LXD Linux Containers are now my main vehicle for development work (expressing myself with infotech tools).

I’ve been learning Container Station on my QNAP NAS. I’ve also been learning LXD which that’s based on, which uses the command lxc for everything except the initialization. But time in tooling is just about over. I’ve pivoted to where I need to be to not be clobbered by the proprietary.

Go one small step at a time. On the next video, do the 2 great tricks that work great together. Do I add the .screenrc? Don’t get too ambitious with a single video. Just take one chisel-strike. Okay, but go do the set-up work. Get a long-running script running.

Okay, keep building it up. Nothing too big. Change your Unix Script busy-loop into a Python one. Don’t add moving parts yet. Just change the moving parts.

Okay, got that video out:

That went well but now we should make it do something to remind us. To keep pushing us to do something daily.