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Setting Up QNAP NAS LXD Linux Container on Container Station

by Mike Levin

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

I did some great work today getting my 24x7 LXD Container home server running. I’m tempted to start doing projects on that now like the pulse heartbeat in a way that allows project to lead into project. But I have some stuff for work to do that is also way up there.

Okay here I am on the next day. I actually have my last LXD container successfully deployed on my QNAP NAS, but it’s 18.04. I want these types of instances to be 20.04, and while I do it I can make sure I set it up with the right network drive and such. Take note of the settings!

Make sure you set a hostname.

Set network mode to NAS.

Oh, Make a video!

Okay, I made the video.

Next? How was I logging in unchallenged before?

Okay, now get rid of the password. And another video: