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Start Documenting My Best Tricks On This Site

I'm setting up my laptop to document my best tricks and stories on my website, using multiple laptops and an ELTgd task to run scripts and use Python Pandas and a Jupyter Notebook. I'm also making sure to categorize everything, and I'm excited to share my knowledge with you! Come check out my website and see my best tricks and stories.

Setting Up My Laptop to Share My Best Tricks and Stories with You!

By Michael Levin

Friday, September 30, 2022

I’ve recently made it so that I can do my daily journaling from any of my laptops, of which there are suddenly many more usable in my life. I acquired several more laptops in my life than I expected because cracked screens on a Microsoft laptop are so hard to repair and screens cracked a lot in my previous living conditions. Those conditions are over, but I still have the laptops with the cracked screens, but they are perfectly usable but for the annoying imperfections which are made a bit worse by the fact they’re such cool touchscreens of the type Apple still hasn’t gotten around to. But they’re good for typing work (the keyboards are fine) and they’re even good for script-running work when you need 2 or 3 machines running at once for a type of concurrency that even VMs and Containers can’t get you. So I’m using them that way now. I’m also using one of them (the one I’m typing on now) to test out Windows 11 which I still hate due to:

Show-Stopping Things I Hate About Windows 11

Keep in mind operation Every Little Thing gets done (ELTgd). Make sure you start shaping MikeLev.in into better shape for public consumption and triggering a bandwagon to jump onto. Yes, clearly visualize that result. Keep it all fluid and part of operation ELTgd.

Think through today. One of the ELTgd tasks is to do some vlookup-like stuff in Excel without using native functions but instead using Python Pandas on the back-end with a Jupyter Notebook and my pip install ohawf library to connect.

Things to remember to add to my site:

Why remember? Just go ahead and do it now. Make sure you categorize using… well, the categories you are going to (will now) implement.

Wow, I have to get nbdev back in operation. Their major version rev that broke the API really set me back. Recover! Talk about the issue. Volatile APIs. Unavoidable in some situations when you’re an early adopter on the bleeding edge.

Hmmm… ~/repos/vim/en.utf-8.add do something with that.

Tricks is going to have a ToDo and Done. 1, 2, 3… 1?

Just start expanding your site. Forget about a “Tricks” special section. Your whole site is going to be tricks! Just start expanding sections. Add GSheets under the Python section. Oh, I have to clean up ~/repos/MikeLev.in It’s so full of unnecessary directories if I can get them to follow the Jekyll _posts convention.

Okay, I just added https://MikeLev.in/gsheet/ Start adding to that as you go on this project. Document it. Put your best tricks right up front. Don’t make a dependency on the blog slice & dice system and its categorization system which is a bit out of whack now because nbdev rev. Just copy/paste the best bits to normal Jekyll pages. Ooh, the https://github.com/[user]/[repo]/deployments page now has a “Queued” message. That will be helpful.

Remember to create a super-quick video documenting OAuth2 and ohawf simply targeting Python OAuth2. You can get so much traffic if you just make super-fast blip-videos maybe in vertical format too for TikTok and such. Be first bringing some redeeming qualities to that platform.

Okay, make a gsheet_barebones.ipynb… okay, done. The page https://MikeLev.in/gsheet/ is pretty good.