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Start Learning Linux by Learning About What Pissed Off Fernando Corbato

As a frustrated MIT student in the 1950s, I was determined to create a time-sharing system that was accessible to all. After a series of events, I eventually created Linux, a revolutionary operating system that allowed for standard out to standard in, treated everything like a read. Join me on a journey to discover how this summer project changed the world of computing.

Discover How I Changed the World of Computing with Linux

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The first thing to do when learning Linux is to understand that a young MIT student got frustrated from snooty elitists keeping him from having computer time in the 1950s when there were like only a handful of computers in the world. He invented “time-sharing” called Multics which got corrupted by evil corporations striving for a dystopian future. Fernando’s corrupted Multics panicked young Bell Labs rebel Ken Thompson who made a version that carried over many good principles, but otherwise chopped it’s balls off. It was called Eunuchs… uh, I mean UNIX.

But Unix got embroiled in a custody battle handed from one sue-happy foster to another until FreeBSD… uh, I mean Linux came onto the picture. Linux Torvalds said: Oh, this computer-scicency OS that allows piping standard out to standard in, which treats everything like a read/write file and which lets software get ported between different hardware easily is the right way to go with computer operating systems, so I’ll make changing the world into a summer project. And so he did. And any idea of learning a “graphical desktop” as anything having to do with Linux (even GNOME, KDE or xcfe) has the entirely wrong idea.