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Start That FOSS SEO Book

by Mike Levin

Sunday, January 29, 2023

You can hypnotize them, Mike. You’ve got the skills. Figure out how to troll for an audience these days, and start trolling big-time. Audience development. Develop your audience. Resonate a certain message that they can identify and sync up with. This will require commitment and consistency, steady even pressure, and keeping tension in the machinery. Choose your metaphor, but this is not something to be taken up lightly. Creating a FOSS SEO Book, such as I am now determined to do, is something I have to stick with once begun. And it’s begun. And it’s on this URL:


I may be having a little difficulty making a Twitter discussion thread most advantageously. I have to watch hierarchy and what is a child of what. I may have to “reshape” it all at one point. I’ll keep what’s there, but there just may be draft threads and transforms into refined articles.