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Start Thinking About Broader FOSS SEO Features

I'm excited to join Moz, a search engine optimization company, as an online personality. I'm looking to create 'junior versions' of products that could be Moz products, or better deliverables when mashed-up with a Moz API. I'm also exploring products like AlsoAsk, which uses Google Suggest to create a visual representation of relationships. Come read my blog post to learn more about my journey and the exciting opportunities ahead!

Exploring FOSS SEO Features: My Journey to Joining Moz

By Michael Levin

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Wow, what a roller coaster ride. I just got word that I’ll be joining Moz! I don’t want to jinx it by writing about it too soon, but this is something I was kind of born for. Let’s see, search on just the 1-word term SEO and see if they’re still in the 1st natural position. Nope! Google themselves and SearchEngineLand have both pushed them down, now to the 3rd position organic position. This is the sort of reason they’re interested in me, I believe.

I want to ask them to let me work as an online personality. I’d be happy to make a new YouTube Channel or work on theirs. But in either case, I really want to push hard on the Free and Open Source SEO thing, making “junior versions” of everything that could either become Moz product, or alternatively become better deliverables if mashed-up with a Moz API. My versions will be designed to work by default with Moz services. If people want it to work with other services, they can modify the code. That would be for things like volume lookups and such. Okay, think! This really impacts my plans, LOL! I’m so friggin happy.

Okay, okay, think! Lots of little products like AlsoAsk. Look at this amazing graph:

Learn Linux Also Ask

Stuff like this just hits Google Suggest, most likely and spews out a cool visualization of relationships. I do this already in non-visual Python scripts and Excel. That kind of stuff could go easily into a FOSS product.