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Still Figuring Out Next Step & What I Want at 52

At 52, I'm still trying to figure out my life and how to make a living without taking advantage of others. I'm exploring how human beings can evolve in a post-scarcity world and creating an unending stream of interesting experiences. I'm grateful to be alive and functional in society and am looking for my next step.

Exploring Life at 52: Finding My Next Step & What I Want Out of Life

By Michael Levin

Thursday, October 20, 2022

The challenge of fighting Imposter Syndrome by actually having abilities that people will pay you to perform, without you feeling bad about it like you got one over on someone. Of course a lot of people like that feeling, but I am not speaking to them. Walruses can go eff themselves as they eat innocent Oysters. Carpenters can make a living and exchange their economic product for non-Oyster sustenance. Your survival doesn’t have to be at the expense of others. We are no longer in a zero-sum game, and human evolution may well be measured by how well we cope with this being on the vibrating edge of an era of post-scarcity.

It seems more and more that quantum violates the 2nd rule of thermodynamics about higher potential energies always moving towards lower ones. Clearly one of the things life does is move what otherwise would be more randomly dispersed into more orderly pattern-laden arrangements. This is because those more orderly patterned arrangements give rise to properties–matter-tricks like self-replication and writing articles like these. Matter gives rise to life gives rise to beings such as us who can contemplate our own existence and status relative to a perhaps larger objective experience, of which we are potentially a meaningless part or alternatively, the whole point. Nobody knows. Could be either, both or some strange synthesis.

Anyhoo, I generally feel that the journey is the reward, and the point is to generate a potentially unending stream of highly interesting and differently nuanced 4D-movies. We are the actors in those movies. They can perhaps in whole or part be played back and infinitely differently experienced by beings “outside” the system. This is only an optional feature of existence. It works just as well if we’re all the same being and we’re playing it back for our own edification, either only as we’re experiencing it now, or from some other super/sub-perspective. Are “angels” 5D-beings or 2D-beings? Ah, labels. Probably both exist by whatever label you want to slap on it.

I am going at such a slow pace, piecing it all together. The fact that I wear a Pacman shirt today reminds me how points-in-time become uniquely connected. My family life screwed me up. Commodore and the Amiga Computer screwed me up. Discovering women screwed me up. New York City screwed me up. I’m still reeling. My head is spinning and my life is still going on, I would say quite nicely, but I am a count-my-blessings sort of person. Merely being alive and functional in society goes a long way towards saying it’s all going great. We could be in much less fortunate circumstances. I am indeed glad to be alive and to be living my life. Please let us continue.

Okay, next steps? I’m always stalling out there. I don’t really even know what I want. How can you have clarity of vision if you don’t know what you want? Okay, I pushed out a couple of videos I wanted to do. Do another video you want to get out! Ugh, I somehow managed to lose Levinux all its stars and followers in Github because of accidentally deleting it. No big deal.

Move onto your next big step.