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Submerging A Migrated WordPress Site

I'm in the midst of migrating my WordPress blog to Jekyll and am running into a few issues. I'm moving the index.md file, making a subfolder, and renaming the file to index.md. While I've brought my old homepage back to life, I'm now dealing with broken picture links that I must fix. Follow my journey as I work through this process.

Migrating My WordPress Blog to Jekyll: Fixing Broken Picture Links Along the Way

By Michael Levin

Saturday, April 30, 2022

For my next ELTGD trick, I’m going to add site-navigation across all my sites. There’s got to be a “home” link and a “blog” link. And I don’t even know enough about Jekyll yet to do that.

But before I do THAT I first must do THIS… this being a few touches to MikeLev.in so that it’s not hopelessly out of date. I migrated my old WordPress blog to Jekyll not long ago and let all that HostMonster / BlueHost stuff expire, as well as the GoDaddy stuff associated with it. Good riddance! $100/year for private Github repos is really all you need these days for static sites. It used to be a good deal to get unlimited WordPress CPanel hosting with those bottom-scrapers, but honestly the tech liability of managing N-WordPress sites is fatiguing and unwise these days. All that PHP, WordPress and Plugin perpetual upgrading and fixing of incompatibilities over an array of sites. Nope!

There’s so many date-directories made for the blog, historical blog posts, custom pages and bits of design work I may like to borrow from that it’s silly to nuke the whole site. Rather, I’m just going to “submerge” it maybe 1-click further down in the site hierarchy than it is today. That way it frees up the site to be part of my new Github Pages Jekyll movement. Okay, so get to it!

1, 2, 3… 1? Well step #1 is going to be to move /github/MikeLevin/index.md to /github/MikeLevin/mike-levin.md (I might as well get some keyword juice out of the move). And then I… oh wait! I’ve got nifty shell-command formatting thanks to Jekyll:

github mv index.md mike-levin.md
cp ../helpers/index.md .
git add index.md mike-levin.md

Oops! My system on MikeLev.in is a bit different than all the new sites so I had to actually make a /mike-levin/ subfolder and move mike-levin.md into it and rename it as index.md. That should bring my old homepage back alive in a subfolder. It did, but all the picture links broke. Fix them…