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Switch Hardware Regularly

This post explores the importance of regularly switching hardware, as well as other lessons on working effectively. It also includes videos of a nice walk and a ferry ride as a reward for the hard work.

Discovering the Benefits of Switching Hardware Regularly and Exploring the City on a Spring Fling!

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Murphy’s law. I’ve been jumping hurdles over obstacles all morning. The latest is that tokens aside, OpenAI is taking forever to process each prompt. It’s making me want to Ctrl+C break it, but of course that doesn’t work cleanly on Python. I’ve actually Ctrl+C‘d it 3 times now, and each time it didn’t stop so I took it as a sign to let it finish. And it eventually got through all 3 prompts, but looking at what it wrote, it’s like it didn’t even read the article. It must be the same encoding issue that broke the token counter.

Okay, write your own damn meta-fields on just this one post. Note the issue and tuck it into the back of your head. OpenAI has encoding issues when the text input gets funky. Maybe it’s something in there from the new arrows I’m inserting from the venn-nvim diagrams. That would be about right.

The big lessons:

My “big lessons” are always evolving and changing. I have to start keeping a distilled best version, and if I simply talk about the need to do that as I go, it will naturally happen now with my new system, as it will get auto-keyworded and grouped, and “natural sequences” will emerge, and these natural sequences will be able to be summarized with prompts. Soon, I’ll have my own custom-trained GPT-like model that was just trained on my content. Not sure if it will be OpenAI customized, as earlier experiments I was doing for work when everything was proprietary. But now that I work for MOZ, such experiments are just standard SEO deliverables we should be teaching people how to do, and I can do them in the light. Woot!

Now off to the company’s spring fling! Going to the city.

Wasn’t Planning on Driving

Since I’m Driving, There’s This Nice Walk

And A Bit of The Ferry