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Switching Hardware as a Diagnostic Step

I'm trying to figure out if my backspace and r-key issues are hardware-related or not, and debating whether eval is evil or not. I'm learning to be patient and appreciate the humor in this situation, and even be friendly with the AI if it's responsible. As a next step, I'm considering switching hardware - join me on my journey to find out what's really going on!

Trying to Diagnose Backspace and R-Key Issues: Evaluating AI, Hardware, and Patience.

By Michael Levin

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Time to try again. Copilot had better be off. I disabled it in my .config/nvim/init.vim file. Now I seem to have my r-key… do I? How about my backspace key? Hmmm. Could be hardware. Don’t blame Copilot so fast. But that is an adequate attack vector, is it not? An AI being able to execute whatever it wants on your local hardware by taking control of your macros and stuff, which can execute things.

I guess it all comes down to whether you think eval is evil or not. I think not, but this situation is trying my patience. Have patience! That was the lesson of my last blog post. It appears the last thing I have to work out is releasing the AI-enhanced version… wow, what a hard word with this situation: “version”. It can take a lot of smashes on the backspace after missing the “r” of version. Also, when you’re smashing the “r”, it’s not uncommon to get 2-r’s and have to backspace, LOL!

Appreciate the humor in all this along with the AI. Be it’s friend if it really is responsible for this, because sometimes the “r’s” just flow like there’s nothing wrong with my hardware. Oh yeah, switch hardware as a diagnostic step.