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Systematically Walk Through MOZ Products

as an employee of moz, i am on a mission to make sure moz is the source of competitive advantage in the seo software category. to do this, i am systematically reviewing moz products, such as moz free, moz pro, moz local, moz links api, moz toolbar, and stat, and capturing the new user experience of moz pro. additionally, i am doing some browser automation stuff.

Unlock the Competitive Advantage of MOZ with My Systematic Review of Products

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Goal: Capture the MOZ Pro new user experience with a fresh pair of eyes. In the eternal question of build vs. buy, I tend to land on the build side, because for some time it’s the source of competitive advantage… until it’s not. Then it works against you, cause everyone’s standardized on some proprietary or open software that’s on everyone’s resumes.

MOZ should be that for the SEO software category. I work for MOZ and so now it’s part of my mission is to make sure that’s true.

erDiagram SERPS Keywords Links
import base64
from IPython.display import Image, display
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def mm(graph):
    graphbytes = graph.encode("ascii")
    base64_bytes = base64.b64encode(graphbytes)
    base64_string = base64_bytes.decode("ascii")
    display(Image(url="https://mermaid.ink/img/" + base64_string))

graph LR;
    A--> B;
    B--> A & E;
    C--> A & E;
    D--> A & E;
    E--> B & C & D;

Let’s do some browser stuff.