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Testing Github Pages Mermaid Diagrams

by Mike Levin

Monday, December 12, 2022

Okay, what specific measures am I going to take now in light of Best Foot Forward SEO? Well, the actual single one-and-only homepage address of a site is even more important than ever. It’s the one URL that will basically never change. Hang as many signals as to what your site is about… what YOU are about… off of that. Hmmm, I should make my homepage of MikeLev.in loaded right along with my journals and .vimrc in my /usr/local/sbin/all script. Yes! Maybe it will be 2nd to last.

Okay, I sudo vim’d my /usr/local/sbin/all program. I should be able to just quit vim and reload it and my main site homepage will be my :blast file in my buffer. I say :blast because that’s the keyboard command that would bring me to it, although :bl would do it just a well. But I find it a blast to :blast my way to my most important file… wow, tested and it works. My main homepage will be kept much more up to date than usual. I will indeed be putting my best foot forward. I am no longer locked in that static state.

Let’s get a simple mermaid diagram onto the homepage. First test it here using the example from the github pages docs:

Testing Mermaid Diagrams on Github Pages

graph TD

And this is another test…

graph TD

Here’s the page that documents the mermaid system

Okay, the work