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The 80/20-rule Means Front-loading The Big Wins

Ready to make big improvements in your life? I'm sharing my experience on how to use the 80/20-rule and front-load the big wins. Learn how to organize your environment and make the most of your time.

Ready, Fire, Aim: Disorganization is a Reverse Snowball Effect

By Michael Levin

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Okay, I’ve done tons of writing about the journaling system, but it’s time to get to the reasons why one journals. We process our thoughts, perchance to make better considered, more deliberate decisions. The processing is the point.

Okay, so I’ve let myself get disorganized on the home front as I’ve thrown myself into the digital world so intensely and deep for so many weeks (months?). I’ve also been pebbled by life’s little foibles. Just as when you think you can take a big step forward, you’re pushed back by a little thing.

It’s time to overcome that. If you care, you do what it takes, and in this case it takes pumping myself up with the motivation and to work straight through the night – or at least some portion of it that won’t ruin me for tomorrow. And even here as I decide to do it, I can feel the journal itself as a distraction as it’s nicer to be here than there.

But that’s precisely what I have to fix. If your environment is not working for you then it’s working against you, and that’s a double whammy for the inverse reason as to why you want the snowball effect to accelerate your accomplishments. A deteriorating environment is a snowball effect in the opposite direction.

So plug in your headphones. Visualize some really big improvement you want to make, and tackle it with the 80/20-rule. Don’t run the Roomba in the middle of the night, but learn your lesson from in in which you just start it running then you scramble to get things out of its way. Ready, fire, aim! Not for all things, but for organizing an environment for sure. Front-load the big wins.