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The World Has Changed Because SystemD on Windows

As I reflect on how much the world has changed in recent months, I'm struck by the impact of AI and the integration of Linux services (systemd) into Windows 10 and 11. This opens up a world of possibilities for mainstream development, without relying on Microsoft back-slashes. Microsoft's purchase of Github for 7.5 billion dollars has also had a major effect on development habits. I urge readers to click through to learn more about the implications of these changes.

Linux Services Now Part of Windows 10 and 11, Revolutionizing Mainstream Development

By Michael Levin

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Hello World!

Dear World, you are my journal. Strange days upon us. We will survive. We will thrive. Think about the change that’s going on and understand what has economic value to people, especially where it’s the type of work you love doing. Go for Ikigai.

My message is: sure the world has changed. But not because AI. YES, it is big. But the most meaningful way things are different today than a few months ago is that Linux is part of Windows 10 and 11 now in an impactful way. You get get Linux services (systemd) on a Windows laptop. That’s bigger than anyone knows. That opens the door to mainstream development to the masses with the Linux edge and without the Micro$oft back-slashes.

They bought Github.com for 7.5 Billion dollars. They control your every dev habit. You use VSCode. I VSCode. I keep VSCode tucked away where I will never develop dependencies on it. I’m ready to do WebDev again. WebDev didn’t break my heart quite so bad as the Amiga computer.

Beware those who play down complexity and nuance. They are both critical. If not you, then your engineers and good methodology to manage complexity and benefit from and make clear the nuance.

Pick op the pace of your video series.