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Thinking Through Jupyter Video

I'm creating a Jupyter video tutorial that will make it easy for people to understand. I'll replace the data folder with a symbolic link, shorten the slide, and create a new repo to curl from. I'll also give each sequence/playlist a strong nickname and use single words to make it easier to follow. Join me on this journey and learn more about Jupyter!

Create a Step-by-Step Jupyter Video Tutorial with Symbolic Links and Nicknames!

By Michael Levin

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Okay, I want to do this Jupyter video right. I want to do it in a way people can follow along step-by-step. That means take the /data folder out of the process because most people won’t have the NAS network share, and replace it with a more traditional symbolic link. Don’t use github because that has a special meaning. Microsoft themselves does similar tricks using a wsl network location on Windows 11, but that’s branding. Go generic. Perhaps it’s time for a ~/transfer location. Yes! It’s the same as the “t” from FTP and TCP/IP. People will instantly get it.

I know I have a big slide to educate all about Jupyter, but I may make that another video. It helped clarify my thoughts and even figure out how to do it, but… but… oh, context is so important. Maybe I shorten it or just fly through it. Dazzle them. Blibvert an education into their minds that they need even if they don’t retain it all at first.

There are so many potential paths here. It’s confusing enough. Power through it with the straightest line. Introduce as few new concepts as possible. Make a new repo that stuff can be curled from. Use the same trick that you’re using to get the distrod scripts to get:

Let’s make some strong nicknames to frame your current round of work and set yourself up for spinning successful sequence/playlist combos that’ll work well in both social and search. Each sequence/playlist gets a very strong nickname. Try to go with single words. I know I’ll never penetrate search on single-word stuff, but it’s snappy and memorable and will make for good navigational sections on my website. Map each sequence to a section. Have a limited number of sections. Let the cream rise to the top.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Keep all the main and secondary navigation links on your website flexible. Swap things in and out. Never change URLs. Lean towards short, single-word directory names. Expose no file extensions. Start working your site itself into your videos. Keep tweaking things towards the righteous feedback loop. Tap deep long and hard-won knowledge and know-how I carry around. Cut the catapult ropes. Release potential. Shock people with instilling a “where has this guy been?” feeling.

Okay, so this upcoming video. I don’t think I’m going to be shooting it today. I want to get my single-take practice in, and finish the script for that matter. Avoid all the distractions and tangential paths that exist on this route. It’s a trap! Make this your break-out video. Make this a must-watch video for everyone who uses Jupyter.