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Tried To Start a Project

Today I'm taking the plunge and starting a project I've been putting off - importing my MikeLev.in repo from WordPress. I'm considering giving up dates in the URLs so that blog posts look evergreen, but I'm wondering if I can selectively override the URL-generating system for individual blog posts. Join me as I take this journey and find out what happens next!

Taking the Leap: Starting a Project and Overriding the URL-Generating System

By Michael Levin

Sunday, October 2, 2022

I’m going to try to do a project I’ve been putting off. My MikeLev.in repo is a bit out of hand because I imported it from WordPress maybe a year or so ago using a WordPress to Markdown tool and it was before I better understood the Jekyll blogging system with the _posts folder. I used the system of dates in the URL to inform how to make folders and subfolders for years and months. It was overkill. I should be able to do a transform to just wrap them into my current blog, but I may lose the URLs. I guess those issues are why I’ve been waiting. I suppose I could make their URLs stay the same even if I wrap it into my current slice & dice system.

I’ve mostly given up dates in the URL so that blog posts can look evergreen eternal if they merit it. I don’t want a dated URL to invalidate it. But for old posts, the importance of not changing the URL trumps removing dates. And so the question is whether I can selectively override the URL-generating system on individual blog posts if I blend them all together here in my journal. I could try to have separate _posts folders but my research so far has indicated it’s a bad idea and when people do things like that they’re using filtering single folders and using filtering. There’s a certain taking on faith that the permalink frontmatter directive will allow me to preserve old URLs.

Now start the 1, 2, 3… 1 procedure. Step 1 is globbing dirs. This looks like something that belongs on MikeLev.in because I’m always re-googling the process… glob! Path!