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Turning Repo into nbdev Project

by Mike Levin

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Let’s see how quickly you can get blogslicer in PyPi.org as an nbdev project.

Okay, I just:

Okay, what next? Make the new one which is now named 00_core.py work on files that are not in its own directory.

I added the various cells and comments that nbdev needs. nbdev_clean_nbs is now doing its thing. This stuff is only now going to be published as a result of this process working.

I should alter pythonically.com to not use index.md as the journal or the homepage. Instead, it will be journal.md and I will put another index.md in location. I will have to quit out of vim where I have all my site journals loaded and edit the all.sh file with the new filename. Don’t do this with ALL your sites yet. Just start with pythonically.com and see how it goes.