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Use Perceptual Image Hash as Database Primary Key for Cats

I switched up my pip install scheduler to pip install huey and used Python PIL and ImageHash libraries to calculate a perceptual image hash for each cat. This hash was used as the filename and primary key for a shared SQLite3 database, which I then accessed from a Windows system in JupyterLab Desktop. Check out my blog post to see how it all worked out!

Switching to pip install huey - Using Perceptual Image Hash to Store Cat Data in SQLite3 Database

By Michael Levin

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Next step? Switch pip install scheduler to pip install huey!

But first! I started showing Python persistent dictionaries yesterday using sqlitedict and sqlite3. I eluded to the fact that:

And it’s done. I captured the session for your YouTube viewing pleasure. Go through this video and you’ll see how we: